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Finger Lakes Club History

The Formative Years


During that first year we had 25 members that were extremely active. 17 of us went to our first rally in Indianapolis, over 700 miles away, and one went to the 1st BMWMOA National in California. We brought back crazy field events and plugged them into a club picnic at Bob's house. The club calendar showed a function each week that provided something for everyone through the course of the year.


A nomination of officers was found necessary to help share new offices of the club, and I became the first president. The club was incorporated and filed as a non-profit organization. A 1000/24 Club was started which required notarized proof of traveling 1000 miles within a 24-hour period (that was before the gas crunch and 55 MPH speed limits arrived). The membership grew gradually and out-of-state rallies really caught on. 16 of our club members showed up for the 2nd BMWMOA National Rally in South Carolina. Club movies of past events were included in our meetings along with talks on motorcycle safety from local law officials. The club had become a close knit, family-type organization with a good cross section of individuals, ideas and talents.


I was re-elected and tried to find new things to do. Dice runs and poker runs were a new twist for our local rides. As with all club rides, outsiders were welcomed and enjoyed the runs, resulting in increased circulation of our existence. Membership outgrew the capacity of the garage, and we moved to a public school for monthly meetings. Saturday breakfast rides during and after the riding season became a favorite event as did the week-night roller skating get-togethers and progressive dinners. The Christmas party now grew into our annual banquet. A BMW swap sheet was mailed to every known BMW owner in our area (125) to allow an exchange of machines, accessories, or tools anyone wanted to sell, buy, or swap. A weekend ride to Canada was a big hit and further bonded our camaraderie.

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