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Finger Lakes Club History

Finger Lakes Rally #2 - 1976

The second Finger Lakes Rally was held at the same place and at the same time, but this time it was better publicized and the word had gotten around so that 300 people attended. Two meals were catered at the campground by Kentucky Fried Chicken, and with no long lines or seating problems this time. The Watkins Glen KOA owners were once more very cordial and again had ample facilities for us. The tours (especially to the winery) were well received, as was the dice run. Organ music by club member Tex Haller provided entertainment for the evening's munching of free popcorn. There were so many door prizes we had to split them up over two nights.

The last night found me riding hard to get home for the arrival of a new son born the next day. The end of the second Finger Lakes Rally was deemed a big success due only to the planning, effort, and work put into it by some 49 club workers as individuals and collectively as a team. We were starting to get the hang of this by now.

A gala anniversary dinner finished the year on a cold winter's eve with the club paying half the tab. As I sat and watched the five dozen faces around me, I realized what this club did to us and most of them as well. If it weren't for that humble beginning, we wouldn't know any of the people now, not to mention the hundreds or so we met along the way. If it wasn't for the Finger Lakes BMW Club, I wouldn't have done any of those past activities or traveled much of anywhere during the last four years. Life goes by too fast so you can't afford to just sit it out. The existence of the Club brought these people together and I'm glad to have been a part of its past and look forward to the new horizons of the future.

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