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Finger Lakes Club History

1989 Update

What's happened in the past 13 years? Well, my wife and I are raising two kids and may not ride as much as we used to. Yes, the kids both ride motorcycles and seem to get right in there with the rest of the club family they've gotten to know and grown up with. As our own family life style and interests changed I have witnessed the Finger Lakes BMW Club dynamically mature with the times. If anything, it seems even more family oriented and thus strengthens the very heart of its existence.

We have seen spring pig roasts, and fall steak roasts, tune up clinics, winter cross-country skiing, ice and roller skating, bowling, euchre (lots of euchre!) and volley ball tournaments, Christmas, surprise birthday and anniversary parties. A series of Chicken Coup campouts at Tex Haller's on Honeoye Lake have included activities such as 4th of July fireworks, mini-regattas, kayaking and air boating adventures, bull-whip and knife throwing contests, organ sing-a-longs, winter beach swim parties through the ice, and ice boarding.

We even part with our riding britches and put on formal attire once a year for the club anniversary dinner. Here we have the presentation of "frivolous" awards and our annual medallion award as well. These are all part of and in addition to the usual riding activities of rallies, dice runs, weekend campouts, motorcycle riding safety courses, and so forth.

Past rally related activities include eight years at Babcock Hovey Boy Scout camp, one famous year at the Geneseo War Plane Museum, two years at Hidden Valley Campground in Watkins Glen State Park and co-sponsor of the BMWMOA National Rally at Lake Placid, NY in 1983.

Finger Lake Folks brought together by a common bond of motorcycling have ridden together, sung, partied, danced, worked, laughed and cried together for many years now. Members may come and go, we may have our shortcomings, but we're family and we look forward to all future challenges.


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