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Obfuscate Email Address on Web Page

Obfuscate, conceal, hide, obscure...

If you are a web author, you want to conceal your address on your web pages, obfuscate it, so the spambot web crawlers don't find it and add you to their spam bank. Use this handy form to get the code necessary to paste into your page. Your email address is not stored by this process. We hate spam just as much as you do.

Obfuscate Your Address

The email address:

Optional name to display:

Click in one of the result boxes, press Control+A, then Control+C to copy to your clipboard. 1
5 June 2010: Minor update. The "Optional Name" is now also obfuscated. 2

None of the addresses on any of The Webmeister's web sites, that began life in this format, has ever received any spam.

  1. If you use a "less than modern browser" you may need to copy and paste the result with other means. ;-)
  2. An anonymous person chastised me after all these years for not obfuscating the Optional Name. I never thought it was necessary to do so; to appease "" from the UK, it now does.

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