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Finger Lakes Rally Flea Market

Advanced Information

Every year, we have a Flea Market at the rally. We give our guests an opportunity to clean out the garage of unwanted motorcycle-related items, or to purchase them.

The guidelines are simple:

  1. Motorcycle/motorcycling-related goods including clothes and camping items
  2. Bring good(s) to flea market tent, fill out form, set prices (several items can be listed on one form)
  3. If it sells, come collect money at the end of the rally, less 10% service charge
  4. If it doesn't sell, take back item(s), no charge
  5. Even though volunteers who manage the flea market area are very watchful and count money carefully, the Finger Lakes club is not reponsible for theft, damage, or monetary errors. We try our best to obtain your "asking price" for the item but will negotiate the price down only to your "low price" number if identified.
  6. Over $8500 worth of rally-goers' goods were sold last year

If you would like to get a jump on the paperwork, you may download a copy of the form we use, make as many copies from the download as necessary, and have it pre-filled when you arrive with your goods.

Get copy of Flea Market Form (PDF, 65 KB)

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