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Preregister for the Rally

An electronic rally pre-registration form for the rally is available here. Please take advantage of the service. A BMW rider may assist in the registration of one guest riding another brand, or the guest rider may register him/herself listing the BMW rider's name in the comment area.

If you haven't read it yet, check out the info at Rally 2019. The preregistration form will be available until the deadline of August 19, 2019.

A few items to mention before you go fill in the form: we can't take credit cards so you will still have to mail in a paper check. However, you will be sending your information directly to the rally computers, which helps keep errors to a minimum.

Canadians: Note that it takes forever to get a letter across the border, so please mail your pre-registration form and cheque as early as possible! Don't wait until the cutoff date.

After you successfully complete the form, you will be shown a confirmation page. Please print the confirmation page and include it with your check. You will also receive a confirming email message from our server, usually within 24 hours. Our postal mailing address is shown on the confirmation page.

Oh, if you want to register BMW friends who do not have Internet Service, simply fill in their information, use your own email address, and give them the printed confirmation page for them to include with their check.

Ok, ready to go to the form?

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