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Finger Lakes Graphic Art

Let's show you some cool pictures here! Some will be submitted by club members, some by visitors, and others may be captured from elsewhere on the Web.

There were a rather large number of K75Ss at the 2008 Finger Lakes Rally. The page contains four images, but no thumbnails.

Some of us rode to the Concours d'Elegance sponsored by the MG Car Club of Central New York and the British Motorcycle Club of Central New York, in Cazenovia on June 20, 2004.

Still more rally pictures, Finger Lakes Rally 2003.

Here are numerous photos from Finger Lakes Rally 2002.

And still more photos from Finger Lakes Rally 2001.

From the BMWMOA National Rally in Charleston, WV.

We dusted off some 1991 photos of The Big Hole Tour.

There are some more older photo pages we didn't convert to this new format. Maybe a bit later. We also had a bunch of single, unrelated photos to look at here as well, but they were all kinda old, too. Perhaps we will resurrect them some time in the future when you all have forgotten what they were :-)

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