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Some Photos from FLC Rally 2002

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Before the rally starts, the camping spaces are empty. We eagerly await the arrival of over a thousand BMW riders.

The rally has begun, and these campers will be looking for their first cup of coffee.

Riders come from everywhere ( where is the home base for this one? ) and they ride every model BMW has to offer. Some choose to let the bikes covered and never leave the grounds.

Ramona, the office manager, and Roxanne, one of the rally chairpersons, are eager to answer your questions.

We saw this gorgeous R68, and this fine oyster white classic as well.

In your best Sergeant Schultz voice, say "Ja, you vant to be a vendor? You vill fill out zis form."

Country Rode's support vehicle might win the award for the most expensive custom paint job. Notice Art checking the oil in his R1150GS.

"We have tents even for a little fella like you."

Sometimes, it looks as if Doug is selling hot dogs.

If it doesn't fit in my wallet I don't need it.

"What do you mean you didn't see my turn signal?" "No, it was your fault, not mine!"

Time nears for the bike judging. George helps Jennifer get her freshly rebuilt "girly" bike ready for the show. It has quite the cockpit.

There were beautiful rare vintage BMWs, several (pseudo) S models, and even a rare LS model.

Finger Lakers hold improptu meetings anywhere.

There are many ways to get around the rally grounds.

Wait! Who stole my motorcycle?

We must keep track of the thousands of guests.

Hey, are we garbaligists or garboligists? (Well, it doesn't matter; we have more fun than anybody...)

— All digital photos taken by Roger, Rob, and the Webmeister.

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